Game Rules - 4th Grade

Posted by Will vonWedel on Nov 01 2012 at 05:00PM PDT in 2018-2019

Game Rules for 4th Grade

All games are played using current NYS HS Girls Basketball Rules, with the following exceptions as decided by the CDGBL Board. 

  1. Game time is four (4) 7-minute stop-clock quarters. One (1) minute break between quarters/OT. Three (3) minute halftime break. Overtime periods are three (3) minutes each and continue until a winner is decided.
  2. 3-point shot is in effect at all times.
  3. 10-second backcourt is in effect at all times.
  4. 5-seconds in the paint is in effect at all times.
  5. Clock does NOT stop on made baskets.
  6. Full Court Pressure: Allowed during the last one (1) minute of the 4th Q/OT by the trailing team if the score is less than 10 points. Only one (1) player from the trailing team may apply pressure in the backcourt.
  7. Defense: Zone defense is not allowed. Trapping of the ball may only occur below the 3-pt line and foul line extended.

    Note: Referees will address coaches if either rule above is not followed. Each stoppage will be noted in the home scorebook as a warning for the offending team. Additional stoppages beyond the second warning will result in a technical foul being issued to the offending team and charged to the head coach. Two points will automatically be awarded.
  8. Timeouts: Four (4) full timeouts per game. Each team is given one (1) additional full timeout each overtime.
  9. Fouls/Bonus: Two free throws are awarded starting at the fifth foul during each quarter. One and one is no longer in effect. Fouls reset at beginning of each quarter. OT is a continuation of 4th Quarter.
  10. Free Throw Line: Thirteen (13') foot foul line is in effect. Court must be marked by home team. Player must start behind the line, and may jump over the line without penalty.
  11. Mercy Rule: During regular season play, if a team is winning by 25 points or more in the second half, the losing team may take a time out which will not be charged to them and ask for application of the Mercy Rule. At that time, the clock goes to running time and the score is stopped for the remainder of the game.
Rev. 10/18


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